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Comprehensive Solutions to your Mortgage Financing Needs

Need help with your mortgage?


Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, buying a 2nd property, or even an experienced real estate investor, I have options to meet your mortgage financing needs. It's important to have a full pre-approval in place before you begin looking at properties. 


Don't just renew, renegotiate! When your mortgage comes up for renewal, and even in some instances during your mortgage term, you may want to consider renegotiating the terms of your mortgage. I am here to review your options and ensure you receive the best product for your needs.


Sometimes, it is not in a client's best interest to break their mortgage term early to gain access to equity. Usually, clients require a 2nd mortgage for a down payment toward another property or to consolidate debts and to help with cash flow. I will complete a full review to determine if a 2nd mortgage is a suitable option for you.

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I’m Melissa Kuczepa and I’m so happy you’re here! Choosing a Mortgage Agent to assist you with your mortgage needs is an excellent choice.


As a previous Ambulance Dispatcher, turned Mortgage Agent, I make a positive impact on my clients' lives by helping them navigate complex mortgage transactions with compassion and understanding. I used to save people's lives. Now, I save them money.

My role as a Mortgage Agent is to communicate with lenders on your behalf to secure you the best mortgage product, rate, and terms for your unique situation. I can also identify areas to save you money or increase your cash flow to improve your financial situation.

With access to over 57 different lenders in A, Alternative and Private lending, I can offer excellent solutions for most situations. If you’re not able to obtain a mortgage right now – and sometimes this happens – that’s okay too! I am happy to create a comprehensive plan to get you into the housing market as soon as possible.




“Melissa is fantastic! She provided very thorough and detailed advice including all sorts of different scenarios to help us find our best option. Her timeliness in responding helped us to take a lot of stress out of the process. On top of that, she is really friendly and kind in her communication. Thanks so much, Melissa for going the extra mile to help us out.”

Samantha Wyatt

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